A proven, scalable, cloud-compatible, enterprise-level knowledge management system. 4 of the Top 10 global law firms (among others) use Lexsoft T3.
Lexsoft T3 helps law firms to surface and access business-critical knowledge that resides in their iManage Work document and email management system. Fully cloud compatible, T3 makes enterprise-level capability accessible to and affordable for any law firm that wants to adopt knowledge management for competitive advantage and business growth.
Surface knowledge, best practice and expertise across office locations, practice areas, jurisdictions and external information sources, supported by multi-lingual capability Quickly perform complex, relevant and accurate content and knowledge searches across different types of documents and in varying formats to drive cost efficiencies, lawyer productivity and client responsiveness.
Automatically enforce internal and external compliance policies, security and auditability of information, without compromising knowledge sharing.
Ensure search relevance by deploying knowledge sharing strategies that allow content to be surfaced by practice area, jurisdiction, language and several other criteria.

  • T3 CONTROL: Manages comples, multi-level taxonomies.

  • T3 PUBLISH: Allows document submission to the core knowledge management engine.

  • T3 CLASSIFY: Enables appropriate categorisation and classification of every piece of ‘knowledge’ submitted.

  • T3 PUBLICATION CYCLE: Allows creation of multiple publication workflows based on varied approval schemas.

  • T3 SEARCH: Allows advanced search based on multi-filtering capability for fast and accurate results.

  • T3 ANALYTICS:Provides user insights to help to continuously fine-tune law firms’ knowledge management initiative.

  • T3 REDACT: Automates redaction of documents for storage in T3, eliminating time-consuming human intervention.